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Network Engineer / Data Center Technician- Physical Operations

Location : Burbank, CA (On-Site)
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Compensation : 65.28 USD/HOUR
Start Date : 01/02/2024
End Date : 07/01/2025
Hours : Full Time
Required Education : Equivalent work experience

Job Description :
From movie concept to film production, global film shoots to remote editorial artists. You will support the network that supports a studio whose content is legendary and transcends generations.

As a Network Engineer (Physical Operations), you'll be an essential member of our team responsible for maintaining and supporting the foundational elements of our network infrastructure.

Your role will involve hands-on tasks related to Layer 1 networking, data center operations, inventory management, and ensuring seamless connectivity across our network systems.

**This is an onsite position- 5 days a week)


  • Layer 1 Network Operations: Perform tasks related to Layer 1 networking, including configuring and maintaining physical connections, ensuring optimal cabling infrastructure, and addressing issues with connectivity at the foundational level.

  • Data Center Management: Contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of our data center facilities, including rack and stack operations, ensuring equipment is properly installed, organized, and functional.

  • Hardware Plug-in and Configuration: Skillfully handle the installation, setup, and configuration of network devices, ensuring proper connectivity and functionality

  • Console Access and Screen Sharing: Utilize console access to troubleshoot and configure devices; collaborate effectively by engaging in screen sharing sessions with fellow engineers to resolve issues efficiently.

  • Transceiver Understanding and Optics Management: Possess a basic understanding of transceivers, optics length, and their relevance to network connectivity and performance

  • Cabling Expertise: Ensure a comprehensive understanding of cabling standards and practices to maintain an efficient and organized network infrastructure.

  • Interface Status and Log Analysis: Monitor interface status, interpret basic logs, and descriptions to identify and troubleshoot connectivity issues promptly.

  • MAC Address Understanding: Familiarity with MAC addresses and their role in network communication and device identification

  • Hardware Guides and Fiber Rolling: Apply knowledge from hardware guides for devices and can perform tasks related to rolling fiber as needed

  • Inventory and Asset Management: Contribute to inventory and asset management processes, ensuring accuracy and availability of necessary equipment and components.

Required Qualifications :
Basic Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in a similar role or relevant educational background

  • Must have previous experience working in data center operations and equipment

  • Must have a firm understanding of Layer 1 networking principles and practices, including familiarity with *WDM, fiber connector types, and cabling specifications

  • Familiarity with data center operations and equipment

  • Proficiency in reading basic logs and descriptions

  • Knowledge of MAC addresses and their functions

  • Strong and proven problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness.

  • Basic understanding of hardware guides and fiber rolling procedures

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively within a team.

  • Must be a strong problem solver. Must approach challenges creatively, but methodically

  • Must be comfortable with ambiguity. You face change with a cool head and persevere even if you do not have all the details; you are comfortable moving between projects and facing the uncertain because risk and change motivate you to evolve and innovate

  • Must be a collaborator. Ready to engage with other engineers and cross-functional teams inside multiple banners

Nice to Have:

  • Certifications or coursework in network-related fields

  • Additional experience in inventory and asset management systems.

  • Familiarity with specific hardware or networking technologies relevant to our infrastructure.

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